So, in designing a Mozilla branded phone, half the equation is how Mozilla figures into things.  We must understand its significance to users then communicate that across disciplines and into the phone’s physical embodiment.  In approaching this problem, I had very little to go on beyond my own 4 years of personal experience using Firefox and Thunderbird.  Mozilla doesn’t buy airtime and make abstract expressions of their identity and I doubt they’ve ever paid an agency to put together a mood board.

That leaves us with the combined insight of its users in defining what Mozilla and its subordinate products mean to the phone.  What will make it a Mozilla Phone?  How will the Mozilla Phone make you feel?  What philosophies of user interaction can be ported over?  Lets see some comments after the jump and I’ll give you my impression of the overall brand impact of Mozilla.

If you look at how users experience Mozilla and its products, there’s a very common starting point.  Users start out with the standard Internet Explorer/Outlook combo without fail and that is what 68% of them stick with (unfortunately).  But what becomes apparent is that while Mozilla users are born with IE, they choose Firefox.  The conscious choice users make by installing Firefox empowers their web experience.  Instead of accepting whatever the web throws at us, there’s a reversal of roles as users takes action to define how the web serves them.

Taking this perspective to the issue of the phone makes quite clear what role “Mozilla” will play in the Mozilla phone.  Without delving into actual implementation, it is obvious the hardware interface of the phone needs to empower the user through choice.  By giving the user the means to define how he or she interacts with media, contacts and the web, the relationship between the user and their phone fundamentally changes (in a good way).

Lets get your opinions

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