In what was the most relevant comment I received about my last project, Ron Brinkman linked me to his great discussion on non-euclidean display modes.  In the small, enclosed mobile display space, this technology seems to deserve more attention than it’s getting.  Up to now, the biggest innovation in information display has been zoom and pan, perfected by the iPhone and copied by the Palm Pre with the multi-touch pinch-to-zoom feature. But why should we restrict the geometry of how we manipulate the information?  (Having worked on the Nike Hindsight concept, I’m no stranger to the benefits of visual distortion)

Using the Vimeo vid above as a starting point, where could you take this in the physical domain?  Are there more sophisticated and appropriate means of mathematically distorting the information, e.g. spherical vs. hyperbolic?  Could the screen extend around curved edges onto the back? What about a static point of enlargement that you pan the webpage into? Gimme some insights people.

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